Why am I craving olives? 5 possible reasons

Olives are nutritious and are often added to recipes for other wholesome meals. So it is not unusual for you to crave olives. But why olives? Why are you craving olives? 

If you are craving olives, it could be because of the unique nutrient composition that your body needs. These nutrients include healthy unsaturated fat, salts, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Olives also have a distinct flavor that might be the reason behind your craving. And there’s more. 

We will explore some of these reasons in greater detail below. At the end of this post, you should better understand why you are craving olives. 

Likely reasons you are craving olives

We maintain that your craving for olives could be due to your need for nutritional benefits or the taste and satisfaction you get from the fruit. Here’s a breakdown of the reasons:

1. The flavor

Olives have a unique bitter taste that makes a great addition to some recipes. If you had used olives in a dish before and loved it, your taste buds and stomach will long for that experience again. 

However, you should note that olives may not go well with some recipes. So, you might want to stick with recipes where olives taste great. But if you’re adventurous, you can try other recipes too. 

Also, you should know that there are different varieties of olives, and not all of them make perfect additions to every meal. Olives are available in Cerignola, Kalamata, Nyon, Gaeta, and other varieties.

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2. Healthy unsaturated fat

Fatty foods help to fill you up faster. If you find yourself craving olives, it could be that you’re hungry, and you need to change that status as soon as possible. Olives contain unsaturated fats that deal with hunger pangs.

While fatty foods may not be the healthiest choice for anyone, foods that contain unsaturated fats are not harmful to the body. So you don’t have to worry about raising your cholesterol levels while you snack on olives. 

3. Low salt levels

Your body might need salt if you’re craving olives, and that’s because olives contain a lot of salt. 

If you’re sure you have a salt deficiency, we advise you to do something about it quickly. Salt is vital to the proper functioning of your body. You can reach for some olives, eaten alone or mixed as part of a recipe. Or eat other foods known to contain salts. 

4. Low sugar content

As you grow older, you find that sugar content in specific quantities does more harm than good to your body. To curb your sugar cravings and monitor your blood sugar levels, you will seek alternative foods with low sugar content. And yes, you guessed right, olives are one of such foods. 

You can eat olives without feeling guilty about going back on your commitment to reducing sugar intake because olives are low in sugar. And you will get other healthful benefits from eating this fruit, making it a win-win for you. 

Also, if you’re on a weight loss transformation journey, your fitness trainer may recommend olives for apparent reasons. And as you indulge, you’d want to keep going (if you don’t mind the bitter taste). 

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5. You are on a diet

If you’re on a diet that doesn’t include olives’ nutrients, that might fuel your craving for olives. 

While diets are generally good and helpful for achieving specific goals, you should ensure that you’re not seriously lacking some of the essential nutrients contained in olives.

Consult with your fitness trainer, nutritionist, or doctor for further guidance. 

Common questions about eating olives

We imagine you might still have some questions about craving olives and eating them. Here are some of the questions we think you might have and answers to follow. 

Last words

We have established that olives are good sources of certain nutrients that are helpful to the body. And if you’re craving olives, you should indulge without concern. 

However, it would help if you always ate olives in moderate proportions. Overeating anything is not advisable, and you could experience stomach upset or other complications. So, satisfy your cravings responsibly. 

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