The Most Popular Foods in Mexico You Can’t Miss for Anything in the World

Are you visiting Mexico for a holiday or want to taste classic Mexican food? You’re in the right place! Mexico is known for its vibrant culinary culture, featuring various dishes with flavors, textures, spices, ingredients, and aromas that make it stand out from other cuisines. Here are the top must-try dishes when in Mexico.

Tacos Al Pastor

Tacos Al Pastor is a classic Mexican dish with marinated pork, pineapple, and onions, typically served on a warm corn tortilla. Some believe it was first developed in the early 20th century as a fusion of Lebanese and Mexican cuisines.


This dish is made with tortillas filled with cheese or other ingredients such as vegetables, beans, or meat and then covered in a sauce made of tomatoes, onions, and chilis. Enchiladas are usually served with rice or beans on the side.


Tostadas are fried flat corn tortillas topped with lettuce, cheese, avocado, cream, beans, and salsa. They make for a great snack or appetizer.


This is a traditional Mexican dish made with fried corn tortillas cut into quarters, covered in green or red salsa, then topped with cheese, cream, onions, and sometimes chicken. It’s often served for breakfast or brunch.


This classic Mexican seafood dish is made with raw fish, lime juice, onions, chilis, and cilantro. It’s usually served as an appetizer side dish.

Chiles en Nogada

This traditional Mexican dish from Puebla consists of roasted poblano chilis stuffed with a mixture of fruits and spices, covered in walnut sauce, and topped with pomegranate seeds.

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These are steamed corn husk or banana leaf packets filled with meats, vegetables, cheese, or other ingredients. The dough is made from masa harina (corn flour), and the filling is usually wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks.

Mole (MOE-lay)

Mole is a sauce made from ground chiles, spices, nuts, seeds, chocolate, and other ingredients. It’s usually served over chicken and can vary in color (from red to yellow to black), flavors (sweet to spicy), and texture (smooth to chunky).


Tortas are Mexican sandwiches usually made with a crusty bun, filled with meats and toppings such as jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, and sometimes salsa.

Chicharrones (Fried Pork Skins)

These deep-fried pork skins are crunchy, salty, and a popular snack in Mexico. They’re usually served with salsa or lime wedges and can be eaten alone as a snack or as an ingredient in other dishes.

Elote (Mexican Street Corn)

This is grilled corn on the cob, served with mayonnaise, cheese, chili powder, and lime juice. It’s a well-known street food in Mexico and is often enjoyed as a snack or side dish.


These deep-fried dough sticks are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Eat this with a chocolate or caramel dipping sauce for a great dessert.


Pozole is a traditional soup with hominy, pork, and chili peppers. It’s usually served with cabbage, radishes, limes, onions, chiles, and oregano.


This classic Mexican custard dessert is made from eggs, sugar, cream or milk, and vanilla extract. It’s often topped with caramel sauce or cinnamon sugar.

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This Mexican street food is made from boiled corn cut off the cob and then sautéed with spices, chilis, lime juice, mayonnaise, and cheese. It’s usually served in a cup or bowl with a spoon.

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