15 Tasty Side Dishes to Serve With Pancakes

Pancakes are a breakfast staple that many love. Fluffy, golden, and drizzled with syrup, they make the perfect morning meal. But why stop at just pancakes? What about those days when you want to switch things up and add some variety to your pancakes? That’s why we have curated this listicle of 15 tasty side dishes to take your pancake game to the next level. Let’s dig in!

Scrambled Eggs

A classic breakfast go-to, scrambled eggs are a perfect accompaniment to pancakes. Their mild taste and fluffy texture complement the sweetness of the pancakes, making for a well-balanced meal. Also, they’re quick and easy to make, so you won’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen.

Fresh Fruit Salad

A fresh fruit salad is the way to go if you want something light and refreshing with your pancakes. Not only does it add some color to your plate, but the combination of juicy fruits also complements the sweetness of the pancakes. It’s a healthy option that will energize you for the day ahead.


Savory and crispy, bacon is another classic breakfast food that pairs well with pancakes. The bacon’s saltiness balances out the pancakes’ sweetness, creating a perfect harmony of flavors. Moreover, who can resist the heavenly aroma of sizzling bacon in the morning?

Hash Browns

Hash browns, with their irresistibly crispy exterior and delectably soft interior, are the quintessential breakfast side dish that perfectly complements fluffy pancakes. Adding a delightful crunch to your meal, their mild flavor gracefully harmonizes with the pancakes, never overpowering the palate.

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Avocado Toast

Avocado toast has become a breakfast favorite in recent years, and for good reason. It’s simple, delicious, and packed with nutrients. The creamy avocado pairs well with the fluffy pancakes, creating a satisfying combination of textures and flavors.

Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt parfaits are a great way to get protein and probiotics in your breakfast. Layer yogurt, granola, and fresh fruits in a glass for a beautiful, nutritious side dish with your pancakes. It’s a light and refreshing dish that pairs well with the sweetness of pancakes.

Breakfast Potatoes

Another classic breakfast side dish, breakfast potatoes are a great addition to your pancake meal. Potatoes add heartiness and flavor to the plate when seasoned with herbs and spices, making it a more satisfying and well-rounded breakfast.


Sausages are another popular breakfast food that goes well with pancakes. They add a savory element to your plate and provide some protein, making for a satisfying and filling meal. Serve them alongside some maple syrup for a delightful sweet and savory combination.

Cinnamon Apples

Cinnamon apples are the perfect topping for pancakes but can also be served as a side dish. Sautéed in butter and cinnamon, these sweet and tender apples add warmth and a touch of fall to your breakfast spread.

Breakfast Quiche

If you have extra time, consider making a breakfast quiche to serve with pancakes. This savory dish is filled with eggs, cheese, and breakfast meats, making it a hearty and satisfying side to complement the sweetness of the pancakes.

Breakfast Smoothie

For a lighter and healthier option, serve a breakfast smoothie with your pancakes. Blend your favorite fruits and veggies for a nutrient-packed drink to help you start the day right. It’s a great way to get a healthy boost in the morning and a healthy option to keep you full until lunchtime.

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Syrup Alternatives

If you want to switch things up, consider serving unique syrup alternatives with your pancakes. Maple syrup is a classic, but many other options, like honey and fruit compote, can add different flavors and textures to your pancakes.

Whipped Cream

For a fun and indulgent twist, serve whipped cream as a side dish for your pancakes. The light and airy texture of the whipped cream will elevate your pancake experience and add a touch of decadence to your breakfast.

Chocolate chips

For all the chocolate lovers out there, adding some chocolate chips to your pancakes is an excellent way to satisfy those cravings. They can be mixed into the batter or sprinkled on the pancakes for a sweet and delightful addition.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a versatile and delicious ingredient that goes well with pancakes. It adds some protein and a nutty flavor to your meal, making it more satisfying. Drizzle it on top of your pancakes or spread it between layers for a peanut butter and pancake sandwich.

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