10 Weird Foods You’ll Find in Canada

Canada has a lot of interesting and unique foods. In addition to the well-known dishes, Canada also has some unusual foods that even the most adventurous eater might find strange. Here are ten weird foods you will find in Canada.

Flipper Pie

Flipper Pie is a traditional dish in Newfoundland made with the flippers of the Atlantic seal. The meat is usually stewed and served as a pot pie with mashed potatoes, carrots, onions, and other vegetables. This strange dish has a rich flavor and a unique texture thanks to its main ingredient.

Ketchup Chips

Ketchup chips are a popular snack in Canada that has become an unofficial national dish. They consist of potatoes, ketchup seasoning, and vegetable oil. The unusual flavor is hard to explain – some people describe them as sweet and tangy, while others find them plain and salty. Take a bite and decide for yourself!

Ketchup Flavored Soda

Ketchup-flavored soda might sound strange, but it’s quite popular in Canada. The beverage combines tomato concentrate, vinegar, sugar, and other ingredients to give it a unique ketchup-like flavor. While the taste may take some getting used to, it’s pretty good once you get used to it.

Screech Rum

Screech rum is a popular spirit in Canada, particularly in Newfoundland; made from Caribbean molasses and has a robust and intense flavor that might not be for everyone. It’s usually served as a shot but can also be used to make cocktails or mixed with other drinks.

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Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo bars are a popular dessert in Canada that consists of layers of buttercream, custard, and chocolate. They originated in Nanaimo and have since become a favorite snack nationwide.

Jiggs Dinner

Jiggs dinner is a traditional Newfoundland meal consisting of boiled salted beef, potatoes, carrots, turnips, cabbage, and peas. Served with molasses dumplings or baked beans for dessert, it’s a hearty dish that tastes great when paired with local beer.

Butter Tarts

Butter tarts are a popular Canadian dessert made with pastry and filled with butter, sugar, syrup, and sometimes raisins. They are usually slightly sweet and have a gooey texture inside. While the traditional version is famous nationwide, some bakers get creative by adding different ingredients like nuts or chocolate.

Prairie Oysters

Prairie oysters, also known as rocky mountain oysters, are a delicacy in some parts of Canada. They consist of bull testicles that are usually deep-fried or cooked in a stew. It has a unique taste and texture, making it an intriguing dish for adventurous eaters.

Sushi Pizza

Sushi pizza is a curious dish found in Canada that combines two very different cuisines. The unusual creation consists of a sushi roll, topped with tomato sauce and cheese, then baked in the oven. While it might sound strange, the combination of flavors works surprisingly well.

Peameal Bacon

Peameal bacon is a Canadian bacon made from the leaner part of a pork loin. The meat is cured and then rolled in yellow cornmeal, giving it its unique appearance. Commonly served with breakfast or sandwiches, this delicacy boasts a sweet and salty flavor that sets it apart from regular bacon.

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