Tips to Make Your Body Looks More Ideal

How to make the body filled can be tried with various things. Someone who wants to make their body fat is usually based on several factors, one of which is feeling that their body looks less than perfect because it is very thin.

To gain weight naturally, try to eat more often than usual. Reducing food rations and increasing the seriousness of mealtimes can help increase body weight naturally. For example, if you usually eat 3 times a day, try to eat 5 or 6 times a day with smaller portions.

Don’t forget to choose foods that are high in nutrition. Do not just choose foods that are fatty and high in calories. Also increase consumption of large nutritional foods such as fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

Don’t drink before eating

Thin people generally tend to feel full faster when eating. Therefore, it would be better to avoid drinking before eating. This is done to avoid feeling full early so that it can increase appetite. It is better to drink water with meals or 30 minutes after. This can help better absorption of nutrients.

Consume Juice or Smoothies

In fact consuming good nutrition also affects the accumulation of body weight. Try consuming juice or smoothies mixed with milk or yogurt every day. These 2 drinks are suitable for fattening the body because nutrients are more easily absorbed if the texture of the food is smoother.

Consuming Bonus Calories

Everyone certainly has different skills to process food and generate energy. Increasing the consumption of calories in food can make the body fill up quickly because the body does not want to run out of calories too many when active.

Between activities, you can also eat healthy snacks like fruit. If you are bored, you can also eat other snacks such as soybeans.

Sufficient Fat Needs

Even though it shouldn’t be too excessive, the body must fulfill its fat needs sufficiently. By meeting the needs of fat and other nutrients, the body weight will increase more quickly.

Sources of fat are already present in many foods that we consume every day, such as vegetable oil, coconut, fish, corn, and many more.

In addition to fat, increase the consumption of carbohydrates to increase energy in the body. The amount of consuming carbohydrates will stimulate more consumption of calories needed by the body to increase body weight.

You can get many sources of carbohydrates from rice, potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, wheat, and also flour.

Milk consumption

One of the most effective ways to fatten the body is consuming milk regularly. If not, try to eat foods that use milk as an ingredient, such as yogurt, pudding, ice cream, and so on.

Apart from milk, you can also regularly consume honey. You can consume special body fattening honey which is usually processed with herbal concoctions. The content in this body fattening honey is very reliable for making the body fat naturally without causing health problems.

Must Do Breakfast

For those of you who are pursuing a body fattening program, it’s best if you don’t forget to eat breakfast every morning. To make it simpler, you can consume one glass of fruit juice with one egg to fulfill the nutrients for the body. Not only affects the growth of body weight, breakfast is also very useful for endurance throughout the day.

In addition, you need to remember if you try to chew the food until it is completely smooth. Food that is chewed perfectly will make it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients.

Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is one way you can try to help increase body weight. This is caused unconsciously, smoking is a factor that reduces appetite.

Not only smoking, also stay away from sleeping late so that your health condition does not worsen. Worse, not only for thin, people who sleep late more often also have a greater risk of developing malignant disease.