This Is The Right Time For Jogging, Don’t Get It Wrong!

Exercising is an activity that is very important to try to maintain a healthy body. One of the easiest types of exercise, which can be tried at any time and does not require equipment, is jogging. There are those who like to run in the morning or evening. However, when is the right time to jog?

Well, here you have summarized the discussion about a good time to jogging. Come on, follow the review on this basis.

Great Time Option For Jogging

At what time should we do jogging? Apparently, a good time to run is in the late afternoon. This time is considered perfect because body temperature reaches its peak in the afternoon.

For almost everyone, the temperature peak occurs in the time range from 4 to 5 in the afternoon. This fact was obtained from a research from the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine (2011).

The research says that the circadian rhythm or biological clock in the afternoon makes the core temperature in the body rise so that the results of the jogging you are doing can be more optimal. When the core temperature increases, the energy burning or metabolism and muscle capacity will increase.

Metabolism itself has an optimal function that can help your body burn calories. Then, good muscle adjustment can make the body better prepared for changing running terrain and also make running performance more optimal. This can also help reduce the risk of injury when running.

A study from the American Journal of Physiology Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology (2015) states that the lungs will work better in the afternoon.

Which means, the absorption of oxygen that the lungs try to be very optimal. This can help you run more easily and focus more on the circumstances around you.

Not only that, running in the afternoon or at night makes you sleep faster. The market, running in the afternoon can push the production of sleep factor hormones or the hormone melatonin so that sleep can be faster.

Not only that, jogging at this time can also improve your circadian rhythm so you can sleep at night. Running that you do in the afternoon can also urge the body to release endorphins. These hormones can improve mood and make your body more relaxed.

Run In The Morning Or Evening

Not only choosing the time for jogging in the afternoon, in the morning it is also good for jogging. This time can also help increase your body’s metabolism. Indeed, a good time for jogging, based on the discussion above, is in the afternoon. However, running in the morning right after waking up helps the body burn more calories for the day.

Not only that, running in the morning also helps maintain a sports mood. As a result, running agendas also become more consistent. Freeing up time for jogging in the morning can be easier because you can’t be distracted by other activities.

When you get up early to jog, it’s easier for you to manage the activities you want to try for the day. So, when there are obstacles in one of the activities, you still have more time to complete it.

Sometimes, in the afternoon it becomes a very busy schedule for some people so they never run. However, you should know that your body temperature in the morning is very low. Therefore, you may need more time to warm up to get your body ready for exercise.

Then, how about exercising at night? If you can get up early, that time will actually have a bad impact on you. Running at night before bedtime can reduce the process of deep sleep and limit sleep recovery. So, you are also easily tired when you wake up in the morning.

Exercising can increase body temperature, heart rate and sensitivity to stimuli. This body response can make it difficult for you to sleep after exercise. If you want to exercise at night, make sure you finish it about 90 minutes before bedtime.

Apart from all the best times for jogging, cardio exercise can also provide good benefits for your body’s health. It must be remembered that the suggestions above are not a mandatory requirement. Adjust this activity to your busy schedule and body condition is always number one.

The Right Duration For Jogging

Indeed, the best time for jogging to get the optimal benefits of running has been known beforehand. Even so, there is no standard duration for good jogging. The thing you need to remember is that jogging for a longer time can actually burn more calories.

At the very least, you need to jog for 30 minutes with low intensity so that your body starts burning calories. You can also increase the intensity of jogging up to 70/80% of the optimal heart rate. This can make fat burning very optimal.

You can jog with great seriousness in about 30 minutes. Make sure the exercise is tried 5 times a week. If you jog regularly, you can get the benefits of exercise for the long term and minimize the risk of chronic disease. In order not to endure sleeping hours, it’s better not to jog close to bedtime.

So, that was a discussion about the right time for jogging that you can live from now on so you can get optimal fat burning results. However, you always have to pay attention to the condition of your body before jogging, OK?