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Commission III of the People’s Representative Council’s deputy chairman, Ahmad Sahroni, condemned the actions of the officers throwing tear fuel at the stands, which have been full of folks. According to him, using tear fuel in stadiums is prohibited by FIFA and is not included in the standard working procedures for securing soccer matches. Sahroni asked the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo to take agency action in opposition to the officers responsible for the use of tear gas.

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The National Commission on Human Rights of Indonesia plans to research the incident and the use of tear gas by police. Although FIFA’s rules say that tear gasoline should not be used inside stadiums, the chief of regional police defended its use, citing the threats posed by the rioters to gamers and officers. However, the police additionally acknowledged that they will consider using tear fuel. Investigators are also analyzing the role of 18 law enforcement officials who operated the tear fuel launcher. On 12 October 2022, KOMNAS HAM published their findings.

On 14 October 2022, Narasi, an Indonesian impartial information workplace, launched a visual investigation by presenting the sequence of the catastrophe, highlighting the abuse of tear fuel. The disaster is the second deadliest within the historical past of association football worldwide, after the 1964 Estadio Nacional disaster in Peru, which killed 328 folks. On 5 October 2022, the Indonesian National Police confirmed 131 deaths from this disaster.

All gates were locked except gate 14, with most victims later discovered at gates thirteen and 14, which resulted in a crowd crush and asphyxiation. Listyo claimed 11 shots of tear fuel were fired on this disaster .

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This knowledge echoed the earlier report of 131 deaths from the Malang Regency Office of Health. Meanwhile, 133 deaths are reported by the Postmortem Crisis Center Post, established by the government of Malang Regency. Aremania disputed the official numbers, alleging that greater than 200 individuals may be killed, as a few of the dead bodies are immediately returned to their families instead of being transported to the hospital.

Thirty-nine children from ages three to 17 are also included in the dying toll. The number is expected to increase as some of the treated victims were “deteriorating”. As of 18 October 2022, the reported variety of casualties is 583 injured and 133 killed. After failed “preventive measures”, the police began using tear gasoline in an attempt to disperse the rioters on the pitch. Initially, the police fired tear gas in the direction of stand 12, with stands 10,eleven, and 14 then targeted, adopted by the south and north stands. This affected Aremania invading the pitch and different folks there, inflicting Aremania to run for the one exit point (gates 12–14) to avoid the tear fuel.

while The Washington Post reported that police fired no less than forty rounds of tear fuel on the crowd within 10 minutes. The police said that ten police automobiles and three non-public automobiles had been destroyed by the Aremania. As of 24 October, 135 folks were killed, and 583 others have been injured. The disaster is the second deadliest in the history of affiliation soccer worldwide, after the 1964 Estadio Nacional disaster in Peru which killed 328 individuals. Thus, it is the deadliest in Asia, Indonesia, and the japanese hemisphere. Negligence of tear gas utilization rule On 1 October 2022, a fatal human crush occurred following an association soccer match at Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. Following a loss by residence aspect Arema to rivals Persebaya Surabaya, round 3,000 Arema supporters invaded the pitch.