Foods that Diabetics Should Avoid

So far, people eat without really thinking about nutrition or the impact of what they eat. As long as you’re full, you don’t have to eat anything. However, this will not apply to people with diabetes. There are some foods they should stay away from. The public should be more aware of diabetes. Those who have blood sugar levels exceeding reasonable limits must be very strict in controlling food consumption. Wrong consumption of food, can make blood sugar increasingly out of control.

Information from the Ministry of Health’s Lower Health Study predicts that people with diabetes in Indonesia have exceeded 10 million people. This number continues to increase, it is predicted that in 2030 it will reach 21.3 million people. Diabetes can lead to complications such as the kidneys, heart and other organs of the body. The following are foods that people with diabetes need to avoid.

1. Drinks with artificial sweeteners

Artificially sweetened drinks are rich in carbohydrates and fructose. Both of these substances are related to insulin resistance and diabetes. Research suggests people with diabetes stay away from drinks with artificial sweeteners. The risk of a swollen liver can lurk in people with diabetes if you don’t pay attention to this.

2. Foods have trans fats

Trans fatty acids are fats that are formed when liquid oil turns into solid fat. Quoted from Hello Sehat, there are 2 types of trans fats, namely natural trans fats produced in the intestines of animals and food, and artificial trans fats derived from milk and meat products.

Foods that contain trans fats can increase bad cholesterol, aka LDL. Trans fat makes good cholesterol or HDL shrink. Those with diabetes can cause infections, insulin resistance and belly fat.

3. White bread, pasta, and rice

These three types of food have large carbohydrates. The reason is, all three will only make blood sugar levels rise to extremes. Therefore, usually those who are sick with diabetes are advised to eat potatoes as a substitute for rice.

4. Fruit-flavored yogurt

Usually, packaged yogurt looks healthy because it is good for digestion, especially when added to the fresh fruit taste. However, this kind of yogurt is made from non-fat or low-fat milk and added with various carbohydrates and sugar. A cup of yogurt can have 47 grams of sugar, of which 81 percent of the calories contained in yogurt come from sugar.

5. Cereals with sweeteners

Breakfast becomes a fun and instant activity thanks to the arrival of cereal. For people with diabetes, eating breakfast with cereal is not recommended. Cereals have undergone processing so they have large carbohydrates. Cereal also has protein that keeps blood sugar stable. Diabetics who want normal blood sugar can definitely not consume cereal.

6. Food and packaged drinks

Although tempting, packaged foods and drinks should be avoided by people with diabetes. Packaged foods are made with processed flour and have few nutrients. It is also rich in carbohydrates which can raise blood sugar levels. Like soda drinks, even bottled drinks including fruit juice have an adverse effect. Fruit juice has added sugar with high carbohydrate content and is on par with regular soda drinks.